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Aidan       Grade 6
Rosalie     Grade 6
Taylor      Grade 6
Trevor      Grade 5
Trysten     Grade 6
Zoe           Grade 6
Grade 6




D.A.R.E. Report

People are wondering why it is important to be drug free. In this report you will find out find out how and why to be drug free. It will also tell you what I have learned from D.A.R.E.

Dare has a lot of acronyms, but the one for decisions is D.A.R.E. Discuss (tell what the problem is.), assess (what are your choices?), respond (what do you do?), and evaluate (do you think you did a good job?) This is a thing that you use unconsciously. You use this everyday. You use it when you go to the video store to get a movie. First what movie should you get? Star Wars episode 3 or Kung fu panda. Your mom doesn’t like you to get PG 13 movies without her permission. Assess what are your options.   Get Kung Fu Panda, get Star Wars (PG 13) ,get both,  get none, or call your mom. You call your mom, and she says you can get Star Wars, but get Kung Fu Panda for your little brother Sammy. Finally evaluate was this a good choice?

There are a lot of drugs out there but two major ones: tobacco and alcohol.
Tobacco is very bad because it causes breathing problems, upper repertory problems, heart disease, and cancer in the lung mouth, throat, bladder and kidney. It also causes your skin to wrinkle, yellow teeth, and bad breath. It stimulates your growth, gives you dizziness, and dehydration. There are over 200 known poisons in cigarettes. Smokers have more colds because your body is focused on the smoke and poisons. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable health. More than 400,000 people die from smoking each year. That can wipe out the population of Alaska in 2 and half years. 3000 people die from second hand smoke each year. Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer. 7% of 8th graders smoke.

Alcohol is ok for you if you’re not affected by it like if you don’t get drunk or don’t get addicted to it. But you SHOULD NOT take 40 glasses a day 5 days a week 40 weeks a year. That is bad because if you overdose your body it causes coma, death, and alcohol poisoning. Alcohol affects the brain and the body. Some examples are loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, memory lapses, loss of self-control, and slurred speech. It is illegal to sell or buy under the age of 21. Teens are still growing so this will affect their growth that’s why its illegal under the age of 21. Alcohol affects every organ of the body. If you’re with someone who drinks, the chances of car crashes, violence, and injuries are increased. Mixing medicine and alcohol is very dangerous. Alcohol goes straight to your bloodstream, increasing the chances of many diseases.

There is a good peer pressure and bad peer pressure. Good peer pressure is when people your age tell you to be healthy, intelligent or to do good for the world. So if someone is telling you to study for the test so you can go on the basketball trip that is good peer pressure. Then there’s bad peer pressure. If someone is telling you to be the opposite of good health or intelligent that is bad peer pressure.   So if someone tells you to use drugs that’s bad peer pressure. Ways to avoid it are: avoiding the situation, saying no, walking away, strength in numbers, using humor, changing the subject, cold shoulder, talk to someone else, giving a fact or reason, repeated refusal, or skipping CD. These are good ways to avoid peer pressure.

I, Aidan Andrew Klupar, pledge never to use drugs under the age limit. Never use cigarettes, tobacco, inhalants, marijuana, or any other type of drug. I will sometimes use alcohol for a good reason or on special occasions. I will never over dose any type of drug. I will be healthy.

This is what I've learned from D.A.R.E. I hope it will help others and encourage them not to do drugs. This has also helped me because I was once curious about drugs. D.A.R.E has helped me be a healthy person.

By Aidan

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My D.A.R.E. Report: Tobacco, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, And Peer Pressure! (UGH!)

Tobacco, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, and Peer Pressure. Gosh!!! What is wrong with people today? From playing hopscotch to selling drugs, peer pressure affects our daily lives. They make wrong choices like drinking under age or smoking when they’re 8th graders. Why?

Peer Pressure has a lot to do with choices. “Hey Matt! Why don’t you come over to my place?” “Nah, I can’t Coop. Sorry, but my parents grounded me. Just school and swimming practice.” Matt knew his best friend, Coop, has been doing drugs (selling them, buying them, even taking them) for 3 weeks now and Coop’s grades have been going from A’s to F’s. Matt’s parents did not really ground him, he has never been grounded in his life, and he used this as an excuse, just as you could if you were in this situation. By avoiding situations like this, you could end up saving your life. “Come on Matt!!!!”




“Yes! And if you don’t come over, I won’t be your friend any more. I’ll become (Duh-duh-duh!) your worst nightmare!” Some “friends” may do stuff like that. REAL friends respect your decisions and support you no matter what.

Have you ever seen alcohol commercials on the TV like for vodka and such? D.A.R.E. taught me a lot of things about alcohol. For some kids, they could open the fridge and smuggle a beer (or something) into their bedroom. Why? Some kids think it’s cool to drink. Others just want too. Alcohol companies spend over 2.5 million dollars to make advertisements in magazines, T.V. and more! I won’t drink underage EVER!! D.A.R.E. basically says to wait until we’re old enough. If you get drunk, get a ride because you can hurt other people (like in a car crash or a fist fight). Don’t give into “cool people” who want you to drink. Do you really want to waste your future?

Smoking has been around for hundreds of years. Tobacco comes in lots of different forms. From chewing tobacco, to smoking tobacco, to powdered tobacco [you snort it in through your nose (eww gross!)], even tobacco water! Most people start smoking at a young age. Camel and Marlboro are some of the most popular cigarette companies because of their advertisements. Across the nations MILLIONS of people are smoking because they thing it’s cool. There are over 200 known poisons in cigarettes. I don’t think it’s cool to have yellow teeth, lung disease, heart problems and other symptoms. Do you?

Marijuana is really bad for you! It causes breathing problems, more colds, short-term memory loss, and increased risk of cancer. Plus it’s illegal in the USA, Mexico, Canada and many more places. Only one state (In the US) lets Marijuana (A DRUG!) be legal, and it is Alaska. You can only have it in your house. Hundreds of people try to smuggle drugs over the boarders of the United States from Mexico to Canada. Luckily, we catch most of them before they cross.

D.A.R.E. America taught me so many things about drugs, alcohol, smoking, and peer pressure. I promise to never do drugs or smoke. I will wait until the right age IF I want to drink (when I’m older), and I promise to be responsible and obey the laws.

By Rosalie

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My D.A.R.E Report                                        

     Why do people do drugs? Drugs aren’t cool, at all. In fact over 4 million smokers die each year. Four thousand of them aren’t even smokers. It’s second hand smoke. I think if everyone would stop drinking, doing pot, and getting high maybe some people could talk some sense into them. That’s all I really want. It would be a lot nicer if they just stopped.

     D.A.R.E had a big impact on me. It affected me for 2 reasons. One, I am affected other places, and D.A.R.E is awesome. The main reason was that I am affected other places.

     Some things that I learned that are really important, is how to give somebody the cold shoulder and to refuse drugs. I also learned that some people can be insane when they drink or get high. Last, people do things for no reason. That is what D.A.R.E has taught me. D.A.R.E was very helpful.

     I swear to never do drugs, to stay healthy, and to obey the laws. That  is my D.A.R.E promise.

 By Taylor


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What You Need To Know About Drugs

      What is bad about drugs that you need to know? The most important thing is you need to know everything about tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.

      There are many health facts about tobacco you might not know. The age you have to be to use tobacco is 18. If you use tobacco it will give you bad breath and yellow teeth, and when you try to get rid of the bad breath you cannot.  What it can do to you is cause shortness of breath, dizziness, and dehydration. It can also be hard to play sports.

     What you need to know about marijuana and what it can do to you. It affects your body by giving you short-term memory loss, slowed coordination and reflexes. It also affects your ability to judge distances and speed. This is important when you are doing sports or riding a bike. Marijuana is illegal outside your home. Marijuana has more tar than tobacco.  

     Also you need to know how old you need to be to drink alcohol, or you can get in big trouble. The age is 21. These are all the things it does to your body. It can stop your growth if you are not old enough, loss of coordination, poor judgement, slowed reflexes, memory lapses, loss of self-control, and slurred speech. That is a lot of things alcohol can do to you.

     That is what you need to know about tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.

     I promise to make good decisions to not abuse tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.

By Trevor

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D.A.R.E. By Trysten

       D.A.R.E. is a very important program that taught me many things about tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, peer pressure, and “Ways to Stay in Charge.”
        Tobacco is a dangerous thing because it causes many health problems such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, and heart disease.  tobacco can also make you poor in athletic activities. Lastly, processed tobacco has more than 200 know poisons.

         Marijuana is also harmful to your body. It has 4x the amount of tar that’s in Tobacco. Marijuana as well has 50%-70% more cancer causing chemicals then Tobacco. Marijuana is illegal to have in your house in the U.S.A. except in Alaska.
         Another thing I learned about in D.A.R.E. is alcohol.  Alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning and can hurt every organ in your body. It also gives you more of a risk of disease and is illegal if you’re under the age of 21.

         Peer pressure is something that can help you make a good decision or a bad one. Peer pressure can be good like if your friend is encouraging you to win a basketball game. If your friend is encouraging you to do drugs, that is an example of bad peer pressure. There is also something called self-pressure which is when you want something, but you know its wrong.
         These are a few ways to stay in charge of you:

  1. Avoid the situation
  2. Strength in numbers
  3. Walk away
  4. Cold shoulder
  5. Say “NO”
  6. Give a reason or fact
  7. Change the subject
  8. Repeat, refuse, or keep saying no (skipping CD)
  9. Use humor

          As you can see, I have learned many things from D.A.R.E. about being knowledgeable of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol that can hurt my body.

          “I, Trysten vow to never drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, smoke marijuana, or give in to peer pressure.”

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Facts About Drugs, Alcohol, and Two Types of Pressure

            People all around the world think drugs, alcohol, or even putting pressure on other people is okay. Well, they are wrong so before you go doing drugs or drinking a lot read the facts.

            Four words, Drugs Are Really Evil. I mean really. Tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer and heart disease while marijuana is illegal in all of the United States except Alaska where you can have a small amount inside your house. What’s good? Nothing! Once you read this you might want to quit doing drugs or smoking. If you could, you probably would, but cigarettes have a powerful substance called nicotine that causes addiction. Also smoking kills 400,000 people a year! (I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be one of them!) Plus that’s not including heart disease, cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, and kidney. Then smokeless tobacco causes mouth cancer, tooth loss, and other health problems! All that kills about hmm… another 100%! One word DEADLY.

            If you drink to much wine, beer, whiskey, ECT. You can suffer many side effects. Including loss of coordination, slowed reflexes, loss of self-control, poor judgment, memory lapses, and slurred speech. Plus one bad hangover! Remember there are many ways to say, “No” to alcohol.

            Many people are in your life, some good some bad. Some people will put pressure on you to do something you may, or may not want to. For example, Sally Anne said, “ Hey you want a cigarette?” “No.” then she takes you by the front of the shirt and says, “ Take it!” She is pressuring you into smoking. That bad peer pressure. But of Fred Jones says, “ Hey, I know you can do it, you’re my best friend!” then that’s good peer pressure. This may happen a lot but 60% of the time you put pressure on yourself. You use pressure when you’re trying to decide to do something. Like it if you want to get a good grade you can support yourself. Just remember it’s harder to say no to yourself than anyone else. So use your instinct while dealing with pressure
While dealing with drugs, peer pressure, personal pressure, and alcohol be safe. It’s your life, your body, and your choice.


I Zoe, do  swear to never drink to much alcohol, use peer pressure to hurt someone, smoke, or do drugs. This is my pledge. That I will stick to.

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     D.A.R.E. is a fantastic program about resisting drugs and violence.

     D.A.R.E. is great because it encourages people to not do drugs or to quit drugs. If you smoke, you can get lung cancer, heart disease, mouth cancer, yellow teeth, and bad breath. Even if you try to have some mints or gum your breath will still smell bad. Smoking can affect a lot of things like sports and smoking gives you seizures, loss of memory, illusions, and comas.

     D.A.R.E. teaches you to not get addicted to OTC (Over The Counter) drugs and other bad stuff. If you don’t do drugs, you will have a good chance of living, but if you do a lot of drugs you have a good chance of dying. Drugs such as OTC drugs can be bad for your health if you take too much. Doctors can prescribe prescription drugs to you for certain reasons. They can be medicine when you’re sick. Doctors don’t give drugs to you so you can abuse them they give drugs to you to help you.            

      D.A.R.E. is excellent because it helps you not make bad decisions such as drinking alcohol. It would be bad if you drank alcohol. You can die quickly from drinking alcohol and it’s bad for your health.

        Last but not least, D.A.R.E. is great because it teaches you not to be violent and steal. You probably wouldn’t want to get put in jail for who knows how long. It could even be somewhere around 10 years. Also, you probably wouldn’t want anything worse to happen.
        These are some great examples that I learned from D.A.R.E.
        I promise to be safe, drug free, and will help other people to quit doing drugs, smoking, drinking, and violence.


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