It is unlawful for animals to be at large within the Municipality. ¬†Occasionally, and most often due to circumstances beyond our control, an animal may be impounded. Should your dog be subject to such an event s/he will be placed in the impound facility right behind the Police Department. Depending on the duration of your dog’s stay, Paws and Claws will be contacted to help care for your pet. The following fees and/or fines may be applicable:

  • Dog at large – $50.00
  • Leash required – $50.00
  • Impound fee – $25.00
  • Care and Feeding – $50.00 per day, per dog

You may also be subject to licensing fines if your dog is not properly licensed:

  • Failure to obtain a dog tag – $25.00
  • Failure to display a dog tag – $25.00